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Download this free on-demand webinar today, "Speed & simplify development of next generation industrial automation systems.

Softing, Emerson Network Power, and Wind River have unveiled the Softing OPC UA VxWorks Development Toolkit for an Emerson Network Power MicroATX embedded motherboard, enabling the quick and easy development of OPC UA clients and servers for real-time and complex industrial applications in the automation, process, and energy spaces. 

  • Advantages of using products that have been tested to work well together 
  • How to turn any host computer into an integrated development environment with no installation required 
  • Real life scenarios that can benefit from the scalability and business value of the OPC Toolkit, especially in the M2M, energy, and automation markets 
  • Ways developers can incorporate the toolkit into their development cycles to save several months of development time and reduce the time to market for next generation products

On-Demand Webinar:

Speed & Simplify Development of Next Generation Industrial Automation Systems

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