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Emerson Network Power's Embedded Computing business is a market leader in designing and manufacturing open-standards based boards, blades, modules, systems and software that are used extensively by OEMs and system integrators for diverse applications in the telecommunications, military, aerospace, government, healthcare and industrial equipment industries.

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Download this free whitepaper today on "Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Use Cases, Requirements and Architectures."

Deep packet inspection (DPI) is a technique with many different use cases, delivering information about packet flows and content as well as allowing network operators and service providers to ensure quality of service at an application level.

As more and more use cases are being implemented in the market, a common set of requirements has developed. These requirements have driven a set of architectures that deliver the level of performance, throughput and statistical data collection required to fulfill the respective task at hand.

This white paper will analyze use cases, define a set of common requirements for DPI applications and outline several architectures and building blocks that simplify the creation of scalable, reliable DPI appliances.

White Paper:

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Use Cases, Requirements and Architectures

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